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Sun Dolls 2003-04 Profiles

Lynda Jennifer Crystal
    Lynda, Sophomore, Rookie      Jennifer, Captain, Junior             Crystal, Sophomore, 2nd Year

Kristina   Erin   Lindsey
        Kristina, Sophomore, 2nd Year        Erin, Sophomore, Rookie            Lindsey, Junior, 2nd Year

Sasha   Jessica   Danielle
Sasha, Captain, Senior, 3rd Year         Jessica, Sophomore, Rookie       Danielle, Sophomore, Rookie

Leah   Kelly   Kimberly
  Leah, Freshman, Rookie         Kelly, Freshman, Rookie              Kimberly, Sophomore, 2nd Year


                                                              Priya, Freshman, Rookie

Not pictured:  Jeannie, Josanne, Melanie


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