In the Spotlight:  Katie Hatch! 

Katie's Photos are from the 2005 season:


click to enlarge 1. The Team at Bull Mania.


  2.  A Christmas Performance



 3.  Kalesta, Shannon, Sydney, Jacquie, Kristina, Katie, Crystal at the Syracuse game


click to enlarge  4.  Blythe, Katie, Lindsey, Sydney at the West Virginia homecoming game


5.  The Sundolls in Charlotte for the Bulls' first bowl appearance


6. The Sundolls at the last basketball game of the season


click to enlarge  7.  Jennifer, Jacquie, Katie at the last basketball game


click to enlarge 

 8.  Katie, Lindsey, Heather, Sydney, Taylor, Jacquie, Kalesta at a women's game


click to enlarge  9.  Sydney, Katie, Jacquelyn at the last basketball game


  10.  Sydney, Katie, and Jacquie ready for their first football game!


11.  The new 05-06 team after tryouts.


12.  Having fun at a car wash to raise money.


13. Katie: Katie cheering on the Bulls at the Cincinatti game   14. Blythe, Syndey, and Katie at the Cincinnati game.  click to enlarge


click to enlarge  15.  The SunDolls kickline


16.  Danielle and Katie at the Homecoming game.


17.  Blythe and Katie at a basketball game.


click to enlarge  18. Some of the SunDolls on the court getting the crowd pumped up!


click to enlarge 19.  A shot from our calendar photo shoot.


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